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Jungle Alliance

A collaborative mobile game that builds communication skills

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A collaboration with Alice Berardi, Danya DeMeo, Rahul R, and  Yuanchen Jiang

Created for Design Thinking Grad level class, Spring 2022 taught by Ross Mytton

NYU Tandon School of Engineering

Create a learning experience that incorporates play



Young adults feel incapable of navigating difficult communication situations, with few avenues to improve their emotional intelligence

How might we improve the communication skills of young adults so they may enhance their personal and professional interpersonal relationships.

Design Challenge

Proposed Solution

A collaborative mobile game that will enhance users' communication skills and emotional intelligence in a virtual environment that can translate into real life.

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Play activities with friends or get matched with a group online
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Focus on most applicable skills for each individual user
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Get helpful feedback from other players, not just the game


User Survey Insights

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  • 77.2% of 57 prefer TEXTING  because:

    • Answer at ease 

    • Edit response

  • “Strangers” was second most common answer to recent relationships with difficult communication

  • Responses to open ended survey questions indicating people:

    • Need to feel engaged 

    • Need to have fun

  • People feel comfortable saying much more confrontational things anonymously on the internet than when having conversations in person

  • People learn more when they are engaged in the material/content

  • Most important skills to focus on:

    • Conflict resolution​

    • Active Listening

    • Articulating Feelings/Ideas

    • Clarity and Concision

    • Accepting Criticism

    • Negotiation

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