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Theresa Merchant

Hi I'm Theresa,
a UX/
Product Designer
and Innovation Strategist



I grew up in the mountains of Montana, spending much of my time downhill skiing,  shooting archery, and playing soccer and my violin.


I left beautiful Montana for beautiful Maine where I attended Bowdoin College.  I danced, part of a modern dance group, a hip-hop group, and started a breakdance group. I also discovered how incredibly much I love art.

After graduating, I moved to the SF bay area in California.  I became consumed in creativity:  creating artwork, curated shows, and teaching at an art school focused on building creative confidence in our students.

Inspired by the political turmoil in 2016 I decided to actively the skills with which I would to make  direct  impact on crucial issues, such as problem-solving , innovation, and leadership.

I became a studio manager at the art school then COO for a few years.  I took the time to explore and decided to shift my career into design,  a structured process for innovating solutions.  I applied human-centered design strategy to the organization I worked for and  found some great opportunities to shape early stage projects.

Some of my favorite things

Untitled_Artwork 91.png
  • Skiing

  • Travel

  • Archery 

  • Cooking

  • Dancing

  • Painting, Sculpting, Mixing Medias

  • Backpacking and camping

  • Game nights​​

  • Recently, video games 

  • Reading (or listening!)

  • Meditation and yoga

  • Krav Maga​

  • My dogs, Roman and Gryffindor

I began NYU Tandon School of Engineering's MS program in Integrated Design and media in the Fall of 2021.  I  focused on UX, Innovation, and AI project management, and graduate May 2023. 

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