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Theresa Merchant

Hi I'm Theresa,
a UX/
Product Designer
Innovation Strategist

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Brooklyn, NY 2022-2023 

UX/Product Designer

Innovation Strategist

  • Developed key features integrating generative AI into core product offering, dramatically expanding product reach.

  • Designed elegant and simple UI enabling non-technical users to create and host metaverse spaces

  • Innovated user onboarding experience based on qualitative and quantitative user research, reducing time spent by 75%.

  • Created distinctive icons in Figma in consistency with brand identity and maintained Figma component library.

  • Led strategy development for key initiatives with major partners such as Meta, Comcast, Amazon, NBC Universaland Slalom.

Solar Protocol

Brooklyn, NY 2021- 2022

UX Developer

  • Utilized WCAG to design accessible UI adhering to an established design system for a non-profit website using Figma and XD.

  • Collaboratively coded website using HTML, CSS, and a Hugo markdown; utilized Git versioning control.

  • Contributed to the development and maintenance of the design system, ensuring consistency and scalability of the platform.

AI for Scientific Ressearch

Brooklyn, NY 2021- 2022

Manager Lead

  • Ensured successful ship of custom Al solutions by hiring and mentoring 8 project managers who oversaw 3-6 Al/research experts each.

  • Devised new system for managing cross-functional teams, ensuring successful delivery of custom research-specific AI/ML programs.

  • Led four cross-functional teams of three to seven AI/research experts delivering acclaimed AI solutions for global scientific research.

  • Designed new outreach strategy based on quantitative data and qualitative feedback, expanding Bioinformatics program by 300%.


San Jose, CA 2020-2021

Product Designer

  • Worked closely with startup founders to design MVP of web/mobile app leading to acquisition by systems theory-based non-profit.

  • Performed user research to identify superior solution to the target challenge, increasing user approval by 43%.

Marvegos Fine Art School

SF Bay Area, CA 2018-2020

Chief Operations Officer

  • Strategized operations for art program with 1300+ students at five studios and 13 outreaches; oversaw staff of 29 employees.

  • Innovated core product to successfully adapt to COVID-19 restrictions, increasing potential client base from regional to global.

  • Successfully increased morale across widespread organization through key initiatives such as new program of monthly inclusive staff events.

  • Used design strategy to create innovative manager support program, increasing morale 43%.

  • Increased profits by an average of 32% across all studios, earning program “Gold” in “Best of the Bay” competition two years in a row.

Fremont, CA 2017-2018

Studio Manager

  • Managed staff of 5 teachers associated with the Fremont studio

  • Maintained positive client relationships, gracefully addressing any difficult client interactions

  • Built client base by 26% through monthly presentations to prospective clients

I'd love to hear from you!

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